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Wayne Bomstad Outdoors

Welcome to our web site!

Wayne Bomstad Outdoors is pleased to offer videos and other products related to the wonderful sport of hunting and fishing around the world.

Wayne Bomstad, a recently retired Mechanical Engineer, is now fully enjoying his passion of hunting and fishing.  Born and raised on a farm in central Minnesota allowed him the opportunity as a young man to hunt the big whitetails that are the product of these food rich areas.  Several Pope and Young class whitetails grace the walls of his trophy room, most from Minnesota.  He found some time to enjoy his passion during his professional career, but not like now.  He considers himself to be very fortunate to now be able to hunt and fish around the world. Wayne also has experience in video filming and editing and because of today's advanced technology he is able to offer to you some of his adventures.

Kudu 2006

Cape Buffalo 2007

Lion 2007

Yukon Moose 2005

Elephant 2008

My favorite place away from home

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